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Paksitani Cricketer, Sharjeel Khan receiving threats

ISLAMABAD- National Cricketer, Sharjeel Khan has reported that he is being blackmailed by some people who are threatening to release fake videos of him, TheNewsTribe reports.

He reports that he is receiving phone calls. The alarmed cricketer says that the blackmailers are saying that they have made videos of him and his career would be ruined if the videos circulate on social media.

He reports on social media that the blackmailers are demanding money to retain these videos. He also says that he has been receiving these calls for one week.

As per the details, Rs.2 lac are being demanded by the unknown phone caller. Regarding videos Sharjeel Khan says that the videos are fake.

Cricketer has claimed to have reported to police yet. It is pertinent to mention here that Sharjeel Khan has told about the phone calls through issuing a video on social media. He has intimated that if any such video regarding the player comes to surface, it would be fake.

He has also announced to contact PCB and law regulating authorities in this regard.