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IPhone to undergo radical change in 2017

NEW YORK- Apple is going to radically change its iPhone which are going to be released in 2017. The new smartphone would get a total overhaul in design.

According to the rumors buzzing these days, the entire face of the iPhone will comprise of display. It implies that there will be no bezel or borders like they existed on the previous models. Furthermore, the sensors, front-facing camera, and speaker will all be embedded in the display.

So, this premise supports the previous rumors that Apple may embed the home button and Touch ID fingerprint sensor into the display.

There is one more speculation. As there will be complete overhaul, there is no clue what the new model would be called. But there is another factor, Apple always releases an ‘S’ model of the smartphone everytime and 2017 will be the time for iPhone-7s. So, some analysts speculate that Apple will not release the ‘S’ generation this time. This means we would see iPhone-7 in 2016 and iPhone 8 in 2017.

In the meanwhile 2017 is going to mark iPhone’s 10th anniversary, so it is very much likely that Apple is planning to do something special in order to celebrate 10th anniversary of the device which has enabled the company to become most valuable in world.