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Google Translate, translation becomes more convenient now

NEW YORK- With the recent update, Google Translate has become more convenient to use now. This update has enabled the app to translate the writing easily in any app, offline access for iOS, and support for Chinese in Word Lens.

This amazing change has been brought by ‘tap to translate’ feature. When this feature is enabled, each time you copy a text, there is a small button which pops up on top of the present app. This button looks like Facebook’s Messenger bubble.

Jut tap on the button and you get the text you copied translated in your required language. This translation appears in popover window.

The fast window permits you hear exactly how the text sounds in the inherent language, but besides typing and translating text you can answer to your distant colleague or friend immediately.

The notion here is to get rid of that frustrating resistance that arises when you have to copy and paste text to and from Google Translate. The feature supports almost 103 Translate languages, but the great part about Tap to Translate is that it operates with any app, even if it is offline.

As mentioned above, the feature also brings offline mode to iOS users, a feature that has been already there on Android from some time. Visitors to China will be glad to hear that Word Lens, that switches text from images fast, has now extended support for basic and customary Chinese.