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YouTube is consuming your mobile data due to this function

If YouTube is one of the most used apps on your Android Device then it is feeding upon your mobile data due to a single function.

You may have noticed that the platform has added autoplay to its videos. This system means that another video would start playing automatically as the other has finished playing.

This function is introduced essentially to fulfill the purpose to make sure that you watch more videos without ceasing. This is happening on the web browser too. Though it is good that you don’t have to play the next video by yourself but sometimes you are wasting your time and also your mobile data when the videos are being played on and on and you are glued to the phone.

There is an easy way to turn off this option and save your mobile data.

Go to Settings on the YouTube app.

Disable the Autoplay feature found in the General menu.

That’s it. You would be able to save your data now.