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How to stop Facebook showing things you don’t like

Facebook frequently shows you advertisements and pages which it supposes have interest for you. But it usually supposes it totally wrong and you end up with completely meaningless, as for you are concerned, things on your news feed.

Now you can tell the company about your preferences and would get rid of boring suggestions. This is possible because of the new ‘Advert Preference’ option.

This is an incredible feature within your Facebook settings, which shows your likes divided in categories. You have many subcategories in front you as well. By hovering over a subcategory, a cross will appear on the right-hand side.

Once clicked, that category will be deleted from your preference list and you will no longer receive ads for that category. This is a great option if you’re getting overwhelmed with inappropriate ads, such as fast-food delivery when you’re actually trying to diet.

Also, you can tell Facebook about your preferences by simply adding categories through search bar above.