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Opposition to ask Nawaz Sharif seven questions in Assembly

ISLAMABAD- Opposition committee has agreed upon five questions to ask Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif in the National Assembly’s next session.

Here are these questions, termed as ‘innocent’ by Opposition leader, Aitzaz Ahsan to be asked from prime minister in National Assembly,

What are the interests of Nawaz Sharif and his family in Mayfair Apartment?

How much income tax was paid off when the Mayfair Apartment was procured?

As Prime Minister has denied having ownership or any interest in Mayfair Apartment,

Is PM’s better half, Kalsoom Nawaz who has declared to have bought the apartment, aware of PM’s statement?

As Mrs. Nawaz Sharif has proclaimed to acquire the apartment for her children’s education.

Is Prime Minister aware of the news published in British Newspaper?

As the British newspaper gave the news that Nawaz family is the owner of Nesco and Nelson apartments.

The next question which Nawaz would have to answer in the National Assembly would be regarding the names and total numbers of Off Shores companies owned or registered in the name of members of the Prime Minister’s family or himself and what is the net value of assets of such companies, bank accounts and properties.

Oppisiton agreed on these questions and the discussion was held in Aitzaz’s chamber.