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Martyr of Pakistan

“Not gold but only men can make, A people great and strong; Men who for truth and honors sake, Stand fast and suffer long. Brave men who work while others sleep, Who dare while others fly? They build a nations pillars deep, And lift them to the sky.”
―Ralph Waldo Emerson

When I read this quote in my school, I never knew that I would be quoting this for Moti ur Rehman Nizami; but today I feel even this quote cannot fully describe the courage and zeal of Nizami.
Who was Nizami and what did he stand for? Unfortunately majority of our new generation doesn’t know about it. Most of Pakistanis do not even know that Moti ur Rehman Nizami was President of largest student organization of Paksitan, Islami Jamiat Talba from 1969 to 1971.

He was a student leader who traveled across the country and organized youth across Pakistan. He stood for the cause of Islam and for him Pakistan was a manifestation of the ideology of Islam.
Nizami was among those who believed in the integrity of Pakistan. When things started getting worst during military operation in East Pakistan, Moti ur Rehman Nizami was in Lahore. He was advised that he should not go back to Dhaka but he chose to go back and support Pakistan.
It was a tough ask to support Pakistan in those testing times. Moti ur Rehman Nizami opted for Pakistan along with thousands of members. Al Badr and As Shams came into being to counter the Indian attack and save the homeland.

Those young boys lacked training and ammunition but their love for Pakistan gave them the courage to stand against advancing Indian military. When Pakistan army surrendered during 1971 war, these young men kept fighting till last bullet.  Eventually they were left out and branded as traitors in Bangladesh.
Times passed and eventually Nizami and his fellows were slowly absorbed back into Bangladesh. They now were active part of the Bangladesh and were trying to protect its Islamic identity.

Moti ur Rehman Nizami climbed the ranks of leadership of Jamaat e Islami and remained active in political arena of Bangladesh. He was elected as a member of the Parliament and remained a federal minister with Khalida Zia.

Hasina Wajid, with her secular image is trying to suppress Islamic movement of Bangladesh. It is difficult to summarize the cruelty of Hasina Wajid. She represents the true face of liberalism and secularism. She formed the international crimes tribunal to put forward her political agenda of secularizing Bangladesh.
The tribunal neglected the crimes committed by Mukti Bahini altogether and started persecuting Islamist leaders of Bangladesh. The trial of Moti ur Rehman Nizami was a fake and sham trial. No credible evidence was produced in the tribunal.

No eye-witness account was presented for the testimonial. Even then the tribunal managed to award death sentence on the instructions of Hasina Wajid and Nizami was hanged on baseless accusations.
The role of Pakistani govt particularly Nawaz Sharif is deplorable. Nawaz has kept mum during entire episode and has not dared to talk about the injustices on humanitarian grounds. Pakistan army has also conveniently forgotten all those who were standing with Pakistan during 1971.

Our media has also turned a blind eye towards these atrocities against Islamists in Bangladesh.
Moti ur Rehman Nizami sacrificed his life but showed us the way of living like a legend and dying like a hero.

Hasina Wajid should rest assured that the death of Moti ur Rehman Nizami will strengthen the Islamic movement in Bangladesh and will give more power to those who want to see the renaissance of Muslim Ummah.
People of Pakistan are indebted to Moti ur Rehman Nizami. By offering his blood, he has reminded us that why Pakistan came into being and why people are ready to die for the ideology of Pakistan.

Nizami could have chosen the path of so-called tiger General Niazi; instead he fought for the Ideology of Islam and Pakistan. General Niazi died and so did Moti ur Rehman Nizami, but it is the difference in their bravery and courage which will last forever in our memories.

Blogger, Muhammad Saad Khan is a lecturer in a private Pakistani University and a political and social commentator.