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Ali Haider Gilani reunites with family after three years

LAHORE- Ali Haider Gilani, the abducted son of former Prime Minister, Yousuf Raza Gilani who has been recovered from Afghanistan’s Paktia province has finally reunited with family at Gilani House, Lahore.

Emotional scenes were seen when Ali Haider met his family. His mother, wife, son and brothers were present at VIP lounge of the Allama Iqbal Airport to receive him.

Ali Haider lifted his six-year old son in his arms as he met his family. His mother met him with teary eyes. Lahore welcomed him warmly and was showered with roses while entering home.

Before boarding on the special plane, he expressed gratitude towards Afghan government and remarked that his recovery proves that Afghanistan is serious in maintaining peace in the region. He said that he wanted to live a tranquil life onwards.

The pictures showed a completely changed Ali with well grown beard.

He was recovered in a joint operation by Afghan and US forces in Ghazni, where the forces defeated an Al Qaeda cell and Gilani was discovered.

He was abducted on May 9th, 2013 by unknown man from Multan where he was campaigning for General Elections. The abductors allegedly demanded ransom in return for his release.