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Google removes infected Apps from Play Store

NEW YORK- Google has been known to remove 190 apps infested with malware from Play Store.

As per the details, researchers had identified malware infested apps at the end of April. The Russian security company disclosed that these apps contained an enclosed a version of the malware recognized as Android.Click.95.

According to this investigation, Android.Click stays for six hours after the user installs it as part of the app. Then the malware manifests its mischievous behavior and forcefully loads a URL in the subscriber’s browser, which consists of scare ware-like messages which say that there is some problem in the system or battery.

The user would ultimately download another app to repair the issue. The researchers reveal that the malware readdressed users back to the Google Play Store to download these second-stage apps.

“For each download, fraudsters receive interest under the terms of affiliate advertising agreements,” researcher proclaim. They also say that this is the main reason Android.Click is widespread. The cybercriminals aim to make as much profit as they can from these downloads.

Owing to this malware, messages to download other apps appear after every two minutes. The researchers have publicized that all the Google Play Store apps they’ve detected with Android.Click came from six different users: allnidiv, malnu3a, mulache, Lohari, Kisjhka, and PolkaPola. These were the applications that exhibited daily horoscopes, dream-books, life advice, jests, and related impractical apps.