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Google launches slides Q&A

NEW YORK- Google has launched amazing feature which would now enable users to communicate better with audience. The company rolled out Slides Q&A for better engagement during a real time presentation.

Through this feature they can ask questions from their mobile, laptops or tablets in a presentation. The company announced in a blog post that they have officially launched it. This feature intends to form a better platform between presenters and their audience by a single link which exists on a Slide presentation.

Through this feature, attendees can put forward their queries from their devices to the presenter with an option to submit anonymously. They also have the option to vote for the questions they want answered simply by pressing thumbs up button.

Recently, Google tested Slides Q&A during a presentation by Google Science Fair winner Shree Bose in New York. Bose’s presentation in front of 200 middle-schoolers generated 170 questions and 800 votes. The company said that the audience enjoyed submitting the questions online immediately instead of having to remember them by the end.

Not only is this but Google also improving Slides Q&A by making speakers able to give presentation without using mics and moderators. The company says that it is improving it by two ways.

The first one is by presenting the slides using Hangout from an iPhone or iPad. By simply using the Slides app, it’s now possible to present to any screen by using Chromecast, Airplay or Hangouts. The second improvement is the introduction of a new laser pointer on the web applicable for people who like to present using a computer.