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Seven signs there is a ghost living in your house

Many of the people don’t believe in ghost or super-natural species but they are generally presumed as reality and there are several disciplines designed to study paranormal activities.

So, even if you do not believe in such things, still you need to read this out and decide who is behind all the abnormalities occurring in your home, if it is not some demon or ghost.

Appliances turning off and on

If the electric appliances turn on and off on their own then this is a telltale that you have an invited resident living in your home. Because supernatural or say ghost’s presence can trigger electromagnetic fields which result in this automatic on and off.


Here we do not mean the random noise of mice, living in cracks of your house. Rather it is the unexplained noises like opening of the door knob, footsteps, knocks, even a human sound when you are alone in the house then your house is occupied some non-human creature.

Vanishing objects

If you lose your possessions frequently, either you suffer from dementia or you are having ghost in your house.

Scary silhouettes

It may appear horror movie-ish to you but it occurs in real life as well. People experience such unpleasant occurrences like seeing silhouettes of someone peeping in house from the window but when check, they find no one.

Odd behavior of animals

Animals like cats and dogs are sensitive to souls and spirits. If your pet barks at some blank area or refuses to enter your home, it is trying to show you something.

Odd behavior of kids

Kids are also sensitive to supernatural presence and spirits. If you find your kid talking to an invisible companion then investigate him or her more about the friend.

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