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Pocket app updated with great new features

NEW YORK- You may have heard of this amazing app, Pocket but have you had the pleasure of using it? Pocket app is really a pocket where you can keep anything you want to view later.

This wonderful app enables you to pocket i.e. save items directly from your browser and also from apps like Twitter, Flipboard, Pulse and Zite.

The company has just updated the iOS and Android apps along with great new features. According to the details, now the app allows the user to follow other users and engage with what they post. So, one would be able now to follow what his or her friends are doing. And also one would be able to like and repost his or her stories.

It is a Tumbler in regards with new stores and other articles you find online. Pocket links right up with Twitter, Facebook and your address book, too, so it should be fairly simple to find new friends from the get-go.

Like all social networks, Pocket’s new features are a two-way-street, so you’ll get notifications when people like your posts or repost them, too.

The Pocket update is available for iOS and Android now. You can enjoy reading articles you found online.