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Pakistan to introduce first Skills University this year

ISLAMABAD- The first ever Skills University will start working in Pakistan from September 2016. The university would provide technical education to youth and equip them with modern science and technology, ultimately reducing the shortage of skilled human resources.

Currently, Pakistan has no technical university due to which the youth has been deprived of latest technical and modern knowledge in the relevant fields. So, this Skills University is going to be the first one to produce skilled PhDs in coming years.

The Construction Technology Training Institute (CTTI) would serve as headquarter/ main campus of the Skill University initially. Nevertheless, later principal/headquarter would be established at Mandhra while it will be converted into a Center of Excellence.

Charter of the university has been approved. It will be rendered operational with announcement of admission in 6 categories by the end of current month (May) while Entry Test will be conducted next month for the first batch. However, regular classes will resume from September 2016.

Currently CTTI is imparting technical education only in shape of certificates and diplomas/short courses; however after becoming University, students would get PhDs degrees in skill knowledge.

The University will impart education in six fields including Mechanical, Electrical, and Civil, Auto& Diesel, Quantity Survey and IT.