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Names of Pakistanis in 2nd Panama leaks and their clarifications

LAHORE: No sooner the the second installment of revealing Panama leaks issued today, which unveiled more than 400 Pakistani politicians, businessmen and fashion celebrities. 

PTI leader Aleem Khan

“I have declared that I own $ 381,000. Half of my assets are in my wife’s name. But other politicians should also declare their assets.” Waving a copy of the Jang newspaper at the press conference held in Lahore on Monday, he alleged that a vile media campaign was being run against him.

Sharmeeen Obaid-Chinoy

“I fully support ICIJ and the laudable efforts being made by it. I would, however, like to clarify that the information released today, also mentions my mother, Mrs. Saba Obaid. I say it with confidence that the off-shore companies mentioned in the Panama Papers as being owned by my mother are compliant with the applicable laws.”

She went on to say, “I would also like it to clarify that, contrary to the incorrect reporting, my name is not mentioned in the Panama leaks and I am neither the legal nor the beneficial owner of any enterprise mentioned in the Panama Papers.”

Tariq Islam:

“I have never had any joint money or business arrangements with BB nor did I ever act on her account in any capacity.

“My name is being dragged for political dramatisation and to hurt the reputation of my revered cousin BB.

“Facts are that I do not recall incorporating an offshore company in Bahamas. Even if there was one, many people form companies in anticipation of doing business sometime in future which does not materialise and the company becomes dormant.

“In any event, I own no assets or bank accounts through any offshore company. Reference to BB alongside my name is particularly mischievous,” he said.