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Five amazing benefits of Ghee

Ghee, also known as ‘clarified butter’ is made by cooking unsalted butter, which is made from cream. It then splits into a liquid and solid component. Liquid is drained and residue is stored which is our ‘ghee’. Here are a few benefits of it,

Helps in weight loss

Yes, you read perfectly right. Use ghee every morning so that you get all the important nutrients you need from a fatty food, but minus the negatives such as free radicals, excessive calories etc.

Improves digestive system

Our body contains gut bacteria which converts the fiber and other nutrients we consume into butyric acid, which is crucial for healthy digestive system. ‘Ghee’ naturally contains this acid, which can enhance the immune support for the gut and reduce inflammation of the intestinal wall.

Contains less calories

It has a high boiling point and thus can be used to cook food. This is beneficial as it has fewer calories than cooking oil.

Good for hair and scalp

It is good for dry skin and scalp or dandruff. Yet it has anti-inflammatory properties it can decrease swelling of the skin and can be used to treat burns.

Source of Vitamins

It is a great source of Vitamin A, D, and E which are very important to improve your health. Thus eating ghee every morning can provide you with 15% of your daily requirement.