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London mayor Sadiq Khan’s victory speech

LONDON: Labour Party’s Sadiq Khan has been elected the new Muslim Mayor of London, after beating Tory Zac Goldsmith by 1, 310,143 votes to 994, 614 votes.

In his victory speech, Mr Khan began with “Thank you London. London is the greatest city in the world. I am so proud of our city. I am deeply humbled by the hope and trust you have placed in me today.

“I want every single Londoner to get the opportunities that our city gave to me and my family. The opportunities, not just to survive but to thrive.”

 Mr Khan referred to his humble origins on a council estate and said he had never imagined that “someone like me could be elected as mayor of London,” promising to be a mayor “for all Londoners”.

He said the campaign had not been without controversy, but added: “I am so proud that London has today chosen hope over fear”.

He added that the “politics of fear is not welcome in our city”.

Mr Khan took 1,310,143 votes after second preferences were taken into account, beating Conservative Zac Goldsmith into second place on 994,614. His tally gave him the largest personal mandate of any politician in UK history.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn led congratulations on Twitter using the hashtag YesWeKhan and telling the new mayor: “Can’t wait to work with you to create a London that is fair for all”.

Goldsmith thanked his team and admitted he was disappointed but failed to address the accusations.

The row could be uncomfortable for the prime minister, who used the line of attack more than once in the House of Commons.

Jemima Goldsmith questioned the tactics, saying they did not reflect the “eco-friendly, independent-minded politician with integrity” she knew her brother to be.