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Windows 10 free upgrade deadline emerges

WASHINGTON- Windows 10 which was launched on July 29th last year, and there are 12 weeks left till its one year anniversary. It is still free and manifests full install guide.

Microsoft declared that users would be able to upgrade it for free from any qualifying previous version i.e. Windows 7, 8 and 8.1, but there was a condition that it was free for only one year.

So after 12 weeks, you will not be able to acquire the new OS for free and would have to pay a large sum instead. So, if you are holding it off for having not much time or any other reason, go for it.

You can roll it back if you do not like it but you should install it, as it is for free and in some future you may need it.

Furthermore, even if you have made the move to Windows 10, there is possibility that it may not have activated itself. If you performed a clean install first then chances are your copy of Windows 10 has not been activated, meaning come July 29th, you’ll have tragically missed out on your free version.

To check if your copy is activated, open the Start Menu, and type ‘activation’. This will provide a link to the Activation window, where you’ll be able to see if your copy is activated.