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Microsoft unleashes concept touchscreen which works on your finger moves

NEW YORK- Microsoft has unleashed a concept touchscreen which would work on your finger moves and you would not have to touch it to use.

This innovative display has been developed by a team of researchers at the company’s Microsoft Research lab. It employs an array of sensors on the front and sides of the phone which would detect the user’s finger when it hovers in the screen.

This innovation has served several purposes perfectly as while playing video, the controls to pause, play and fast-forward would only appear when the user hovers his finger over screen, and disappear when the screen feels that the finger has moved away.

Browsing webpages have become easier. Hyperlinks which make the page seem busy and confusing are not visible when the user is mere reading an article.

Then the user move to tap the screen, the links then appear there and become more visible when the finger moves around the display.

Multi-touch features are also functionalized. When user taps on a file, with finger in place a secondary menu opens up close to their other finger, allowing the user to open, share or delete the document.

Virtually, it is like Apple’s Force Touch feature on the iPhone 6S, but it is a bit more futuristic.

Here is the video of this revolutionary concept,