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FIA cracks down on deceitful online stores

ISLAMABAD- FIA has taken a big initiative by starting crackdown on deceitful online stores in Pakistan.

The Federal Investigation Agency has now took notice of the customer complaints concerning online stores which are currently operating in Pakistan.

One e-commerce website, Saqiscity stopped doing business a few months ago and people who had their orders pending were not refunded. This ensued a backlash on social media and different forums and the matter was put forward regarding lack of regulations against online fraud in Pakistan.

FIA has finally decided to put its foot down and take action against these stores. This move has increased confidence of the public in law enforcement authorities to tackle complaints involving fraud, identity theft, and other similar cybercrimes.

Now anyone would be able to contact the authority and file complaints if they face any fraud from the side of e-commerce.

They can contact NR3C and register their complaint. For ecommerce sites, its more prudent to honor their commitments than ever before.

The following message was posted at the URL of Saqiscity:

This website is being used an online fraudulent shopping transaction from the innocent peoples, hence FIA Cyber Crime Circle Karachi arrested the owner and registered case FIR No 37/2015 of this alleged website.

All customers are advised to please contact on below details of the FIA Cyber Crime Circle Karachi

Email : [email protected]

Phone number. 021-99249650-2

Address: FIA, Cyber Crime Circle, Karachi situated at FIA Building, 1st Floor,

Near Dar-ul-Sehat Hospital, Johar Chorangi Karachi