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Zong offers 10% discount for 4G MBB device

ISLAMABAD- Zong 4G Mobile Broad Band (MBB) is available nationwide now. Not only has this but it also offers 10 discount on the device price now.

Moreover, the company offers the facility to its users of booking Zong 4G MBB device online anytime. One can also collect device from the selected Customer Care Centers of the company at the time of their choice.

Furthermore, original price of Zong 4G MBB device is Rs. 3,000 and after discount it becomes available at Rs. 2700 only.

Features of the company’s 4G MBB device include 2100 mAH battery, speed upto 150 Mbps and has multiple device connectivity of 10 devices.

Zong also offers 5 different monthly packages with different volume at different prices. Customers can opt for the most suitable package for them.

Monthly bundles for the devices are as follows,

Prepaid MBB Monthly 50GB                      50 GB                            Rs.2000/-

Prepaid MBB Monthly 100GB                    100 GB                         Rs.3800/-

Prepaid MBB Monthly 150GB                    150 GB                         Rs.5000/-

Prepaid MBB Monthly 200GB                    200 GB                         Rs.6000/-

Prepaid MBB 3 Months (24GB/Month)         24 GB                       Rs.4000/-