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Six great misconceptions about Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the most misunderstood countries in world. It is an Islamic Republic but is generally perceived as a terrorist republic. Here are a few great misconceptions about Pakistan prevailing in the world.

Pakistanis commute on camels

Six great misconceptions about Pakistan|

This is one of the misconceptions about Pakistan which is baseless. Perhaps people are mixing us with Arabs but even they don’t use camels as a medium of transport now. Just as a matter of fact, Pakistan is the single leading market for Toyota corollas, so perhaps we do have cars.

Pakistan oppresses women

Six great misconceptions about Pakistan|

Our women are paving their way to every field. We have had the first feminine head of state in the whole Muslim world and far before some advanced nations as well. We have female pilots, teachers, entrepreneurs and they are present in every government institution.

Pakistanis don’t know English

Six great misconceptions about Pakistan|

Misconceptions about Pakistan are just useless as well. English is the official language here guys. So definitely we can speak and understand English. Our educational institutions are also English medium. Being the langua Franca, we also use it as medium of communication.

Pakistan is a small, underdeveloped country

Six great misconceptions about Pakistan|

Pakistan is on its way to development so terming it an underdeveloped country is not right. Furthermore, Pakistan is not at all a small country, it has the capability to fit in more than 199 million people.

Pakistan is a no-no for academia

Six great misconceptions about Pakistan|

Last year, Pakistan beat its own record for the world’s youngest Microsoft Certified qualified. A scientist of Pakistani foundation made an extraordinary innovation in neuroscience. It was the only Asian country to get hold of CERN’s (European Council for Nuclear Research) associate relationship. So no, it is a place for academia.

Pakistan and activism stand at opposite poles

Six great misconceptions about Pakistan|

Pakistan’s most watched programs on television are not drama serials rather they are political talk shows. Furthermore, we have tried everything from media activism to judicial activism.