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Mercury to cross sun, event occurs rare in century

WASHINGTON- There is a rare astrological event going to happen on May 9th, the event involves Mercury crossing the sun.

This event is a transit of Mercury across the face of sun. As we know that Mercury and Venus are closer to sun as compared with the Earth. The planets occasionally pass between Earth and sun, and the phenomenon is called solar transit.

This even occurs less than twice a century with Venus, and 13 or 14 times a century with ‘Mercury’. On May 9th sky watchers on most of earth will have the opportunity to see this transit of Mercury. As the transit lasts for more than 7 hours, the Earth will move enough so that parts of the transit would be evident everywhere on earth but in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Philippines and small area of eastern Asia.

Observers in eastern North America will be able to see the whole transit, while the transit will already have begun as the sun rises in the western half of the continent.

You can easily avoid missing this event by using planetarium software program like Starry Night or SkySafari which will tell you the exact times of happening of this event for you location. It will also tell you exactly where you have to look at sun to look for the first appearance of the planet.