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Find out everything Google knows about you

When you are on internet, you have surrendered your privacy, and you don’t even realize it. There is some information you explicitly give to Google while some information is derived by it through analyzing your behavior on internet. So, it gets to know a great deal about you,

The way to find what the search engine knows about you is very easy. Visit a hard to find page, ‘Web & App Activity’, and then you can see what Google is observing regarding you.

Furthermore, you can visit a site, ‘Ads settings and not only see what the search engine knows about you but also can change what it is telling advertisers about you.

To find the ‘Web & App Activity’ page, log in to Google. Got to “” and click on “all time.”

You will get a long list of all the web pages you searched. You are allowed to delete them but it is not easy. You can delete it one day at a time. This will take you ages to delete years’ worth of data.

There will be a warning telling you that you don’t have to delete this information. But actually the company does not want you to delete this information. Nevertheless, you can delete it without breaking your account.