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WhatsApp set to launch Video calling in next update

NEW YORK- WhatsApp is all set to launch video calling feature for iOS users in next update.

The rumors started circulating in last December. Everyone was expecting that soon the feature will be launched in 2016 but it was only a hope in the first four months. Now, some screenshots of the beta version of WhatsApp for iOS have come to surface. In this screenshots, the ‘Video Call’ option can be seen on top right of the chat screen.

Before that, only the voice call option along with profile picture was there next to which now video call option has been added.

However the current beta app version available for iOS devices is, and the video call feature is expected to launch within the next few days with the version To experiment the beta version of WhatsApp, all you need to have is a jailbroken iPhone along with Cydia installed.

Currently, Facebook Messenger and Skype are the best options to make video calls. In places where internet slower, it is very likely that these people would prefer voice calls over video calls.

It is pertinent to mention here that the video calling feature will not be available for Android devices as no such clue could be seen at the moment.