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Pakistan Interior Minister warns political opponents

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Interior Minister Chudhary Nisar Ali Khan has warned political opponents over political point scoring on Panama Leaks, reported.

According to TheNewsTribe’s (TNT) correspondent from Islamabad, Ch Nisar Ali Khan while addressing to the press conference on Wednesday said opposition focused wrongly on Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif.

If there was any intention to skip from investigation the PM announcement about formation of judicial commission could be the different then the current one, said Khan.

We have no objection on Supreme Court’s inquiry and its choice to pick the style for probing Panama Leaks, he added, few people respect Supreme Court if the verdicts came in their favour.

Ch Nisar has requested Pakistani opposition parties to avoid to dictate higher court and mislead public over the issue of Panama Papers.

There are many rulers on Panama Papers but we never saw such response what we are facing in Pakistan, said Khan while criticising the opposition parties behaviour.

Why there is always misbehave with women only in PTI gatherings, questioned angry Nisar during his press conference without mentioning any name to reply.

Meanwhile, Federal Law Minister, Zahid Hamid while addressing to the press conference told the media that Opposition’s parties term of references (TORs) were nothing but a disappointment.

TORs presented by the joint opposition show that they are not in mood to form the inquiry commission over the matter, said Hamid during the joint news conference with Interior Minister.