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Opera launches browser with inbuilt ad-blocker

OSLO- Opera Software has officially released its new version of web browser and ‘mini’ browser for Android smartphones which has inbuilt ad-blocker.

Now Opera users instead of downloading browser extension or app, would only activate ad blocking in the settings of their browsers as ad-blocking is not by default.

The ad-blocker works perfectly for every site but four including, Google, Facebook, Chinese search engine Baidu, and Russian search engine Yandex.

It is pertinent to mention here that none of these sites have paid to be included in Opera’s exception list, just as Adblock Plus’ Acceptable Ads list did. This list requires the biggest sites split revenue with the ad blocking company in order to have their ads whitelisted.

“Instead, the company picked out these sites because they offer “a very good experience to their users with ads on,” says Opera’s spokesperson while referring to why the company has not blocked certain ads.

Furthermore, Opera says in a press release that its new Opera for computers browsers is ‘45% faster’ than Google Chrome with third-party ad blocking extensions installed, while Opera Mini for Android is ‘40%’ faster, all due to removal of ads.

Opera says 60 million people already use its web browser, while 120 million use Opera Mini for Android each month.