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Now you can hide secret codes in your soft drinks

TEL AVIV- Israeli chemists have found a way to hide secret codes in soft drinks. Now you would be able to secretly decode an encrypted message through these drinks.

This group of chemists from Israel has found a way to use common chemicals such as cola to create encryption code key and also decode the hidden message.

This practice of encrypting and decoding secret codes is usually observed with spies who have something to hide.

This Israeli team has taken help from the idea of ‘lemon juice spies’ back from World War I. Their method is complex to devise but easy to use, and combines encryption, steganography (lemon juice encryption) and password protection.

All this process is based on fluorescent molecules which are made to give off different wavelengths of light, when they come into contact with certain chemicals. These chemicals can be particular cola, instant coffee or mouthwash.

You then put the molecule in your chosen chemical and measure the amount of light given off at each wavelength. There is a simple, cheap device for this purpose.

After encrypting the code, you hand over the number and the fluorescent molecule to whoever you want to give it. The molecule could be concealed by drying it onto a letter, for example. All the recipient would need to do is place the letter in the correct brand of cola and measure the light released to decode the message.

It is pertinent to mention here that you can decode the message only through the chemical which was used in the message’s encryption.