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Nihal Bitla, 15 year old inspiration dies today

TELENGANA, INDIA- Nihal Bitla, a 15 year old teen suffering from a rare genetic disorder, progeria, also an inspiration for the whole world died today.

He surprised the doctor by living that long as those who suffer from progeria are not expected to reach their teen age. The boy’s body aged eight times faster than normal. He is the oldest child diagnosed with progeria in India.

Grappling with arthritis, ageing organs and weakened limbs for 15 long years, he had touched the hearts of many people and was an inspiration for all those who were going through tough time in their lives.

Nihal Bitla had his birthday falling on the same day i.e. 20th January. He loved playing computer games in leisure time.

He weighed 12.5 kg and was less than 4 feet in height. He could not complete his schooling due to bullying at school.

He is known as Auro, the character played by Amitabh Bachchan in the film, Paa. He has met with Aamir Khan after he expressed his wish to meet the actor on Twitter.

Nihal became brand ambassador of Progeria research foundation in August 2015. He has dies now but he will remain alive in people’s hearts.