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Hackers target iPhone users again

NEW YORK- Hackers employ new tactics every day to hit digital users. This time iPhone users are the target. They have found a new way to hack iPhones now.

In this new hacking tactic, a message is received by iPhone users saying that their cloud account is going to expire today, for its renewal click on the mentioned link.

The link mentioned in the SMS is fake, which when clicked opens a page similar to Apple iCloud. But the information provided here for the sake of making new account including the old password and likewise details will reach to hackers.

Similarly, the data existing in iCloud account backup can be easily acquired. To make this trick seem real, the message is received from Apple iSupport and the user is addressed by name. So, the users believe easily that the message is genuine and has been sent by Apple itself. Apple has warned the users about this skulduggery and cautioned to ignore this fake SMS and delete it.