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Scorching Heat and Karachiites

Sunstroke is a very dangerous condition which can be fatal or, at best, can cause permanent damage.

This happens when the body fails to work because of overheating.

The month of April has been ended and May has arrived. The heat wave is just to enter the Karachi with the crisis of bad load shedding and shortage of water overall in the city. Karachiites are fighting against the hottest summer ever.

Heat exhaustion may occur when people perform hard physical labor in a hot environment. This happens because the person loses too much salt and water from their body through excess sweating.

They need to take rest in proper shelter or in camps.

In Karachi, the most vulnerable to heat disorders, in particular to heatstroke or sunstroke, are young babies and children and the very old. In these cases, the heat regulating mechanisms of their bodies lack efficiency.

Symptoms of heatstroke are, a high temperature of more than 41C or 106F2, an absence of perspiration, and problems with the nervous system.

The problems with the nervous system is the most serious sign and eventually person may lose consciousness and lapse into coma.

Ways to prevent Heat stroke:

Take regular showers more than once a day.

Don’t go outside in afternoon without any proper reason

Don’t play cricket in afternoon.

Try to stay away from your kitchen and laundry

Follow all the above-mentioned guidelines and tell others about it as well in order to protect yourself from the heat this summers.

Obviously, prevention is the best way to fight sunstroke. Wear cool clothing and a hat, drink 18 to 20 glass of water per day  and don’t stay out too long in the sun is the best option.

To avoid heatstroke in the workplace, it is essential to wear cool clothing, drink pure fruit shakes and also take tablets if necessary.

If heatstroke is not treated before it becomes fully developed, it is extremely dangerous and, in around twenty percent of cases, it is fatal.

It is necessary to seek medical treatment as quickly as possible following the onset of any of the symptoms of heatstroke. In the meantime, cool the person down by removing their clothing and covering them with a thin sheet which needs to be continuously doused in cold water. Be careful not to reduce the temperature below 39C or 102F as he or she may go into shock. If possible, get the person into a tub of cold water

Although Trees ratio in Karachi is about 3 or 4 Lakhs and population has increased to more than 2 crores.

To protect Karachi and its inhabitants against severe climate change, we need to join hands and go for massive plantation, which is known to create a cooling impact.

Blogger: Saad Shahid