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Five snapchat features which should be added

Snapchat is becoming more and more popular as days are passing. But there are some features which need to be upgraded so that it becomes more fun,

Option to go back and see a previous snap in a story

Currently there is no current option. But it should be there as sometimes we urge to look again at a specific snap again.

Font variety

San serif is the only font available. You can change the color but different fonts would add flavor.

Option to tag friends in snap stories

Currently, there is no way to tell your friend that he or she is in your story. There should be an option to tag your friend.

There should be followers instead of friends

Snapchat has friends instead of followers and this friendship does not work like it does on Facebook. In Facebook, there is proper ‘agreement’ between two ‘parties’ on becoming friends, only then you can see the other person’s posts. But in Snapchat, user can see someone’s content if they friend them, similar to when you follow someone on Twitter.

Option to add a photo from your phone to the story

We can’t do this at the time. Though there is another way, i.e. there is an option within the camera roll itself which lets you send a photo directly to snap chat but making it easier by adding the option to snapchat is better.