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Rebtel: App which allows free international call

ISLAMABAD- Making international calls proves to be quite costly. Though several packages have been launched by call cellular companies but still it is not feasible to make these calls frequently. There is one app which provides you the perk of free international call. 

When apps like WhatsApp, Viber, and Skype have provided us the facility to message and call for free or at a reduced rate, yet they still condition a Wi-Fi connection or mobile data.

Here is an app which allows you making free international call and is named as, Rebtel. This is a currently released feature which allows users to make calls abroad for free, even when the users are not in the vicinity of Wi-Fi or do not have mobile data.

Rebtel manages a free call by first connecting the user to their system via local call and then transfers this call to any number in the world.

This app works when both users have it. Both are connected through a local call and this cuts the cost of international calling.

In this way the user enjoys free unlimited international calling with same stability that exists in a regular call.

Rebtel Company kicked started in 2006 aimed to create an international calling platform which offers consistency and reliability.

Rebel calling feature is going to be available free until sometime next year, after which it will be charged as $ 1 per month.