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Opposition unites over PM’s resignation demand

ISLAMABAD: Opposition parties in national assembly have reached to the consensus o demand Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s resignation over Panama leaks issue.

Delegations of at least 10 opposition parties gathered today at Aitzaz Ahsan’s house in Lahore to discuss and carry out a consensus over panama leaks. The meeting unanimously decided to demand PM’s resignation and completion of probe within six to eight week’s time.

According to Duny News report, a commission led by the Chief Justice (CJ) of the Supreme Court be formed along with acquiring services from a foreign audit firm to probe into the matter were other demands made by the opposition parties.

Meanwhile, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) also formed Terms of References (TORs) in regards to the judicial commission that probes into the matter. PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto also gave green signal to demand resignation from the PM.

A meeting was held under the leadership of Bilawal at the Zardari House which was attended by important leaders of the party. The draft of the TORs made by PPP was presented during the meeting.

Sources state that the TORs made by PPP state that the inquiry commission that probes into the matter should not be constituted under the 1956 Act but it should be made through a presidential ordinance and must be given protection by the Parliament.

 Furthermore, it has been stated that the inquiry committee needs to start its investigation from the family of the Prime Minister first and needs to set a timeframe for its investigation.

According to sources, PPP Chairman approved the TORs and directed the party leaders to develop consensus with other parties of the opposition in regards to them and also gave green signal to the demand of the PM’s resignation made by the other parties.