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Abdullah’s Dance in the Digital Wedding!

Tobacco is dangerous to the smoker and to the passive smoker(s) for that matter, and the law doesn’t allow its selling to those who are under 18. Also, it provides its platform to the ‘substance’ to be mixed and smoked, hence addiction is understood to be coming as a result of that activity in some cases. So, selling to under 18 is a crime, Fine.

Digital content is addictive. Also, in some cases it is injurious to health, psychological health, and to the social fabric of a society. Its availability has been made sure in the MDGs. And it was made public in Pakistan with a speed that the state was unable to assess and respond in time. Rapid spread of Internet via wifi devices, and 3-4G spectrum is increasing the probability of getting it into the users as young as 3 today, via mothers’ cell phones…

The game layer, FarmVille, Clash of Clans etc have already brought more than 200 million people to a point where they have to CHANGE their life SCHEDULES to get back to their devices, and build/protect their game/virtual assets by logging in time to time.

Isn’t it actually a form of slavery, that is going on on the digital spaces? People of all ages, and sadly, as young as 7-8 years, are adding man hours, to such systems which are not being paid back to the user, and being monetized by someone else, somewhere else. This model needs to be studied, examined thoroughly, and handled timely.

Have no idea whether Abdullah has to dance in this digital wedding ceremony, or cry like anything…


Blog writer, Rashed Farooq is a Pakistani digital and conventional media expert.