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May 29, 2020
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Confused BCB unhappy with ICC ODI ranking

Bangladeshi Cricket Fans came to live when they came to know that there national team will surge to No. 5 in International Cricket Council Rankings (ICC) ODI rankings are released on May 1.

But the news that it happened ‘by a mistake from ICC’ and they will retain No.7 spot in the rankings, has cause a major heart-break for most of Bangladeshi fans. Here is the story in detail.

The confusion began when Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) president Nazmul Hassan Papon after he returned from an ICC meeting in Dubai and claimed that it was announced at a meeting on Sunday by ICC chief executive Dave Richardson that Bangladesh were on 101 rating points.

According to the current rankings, they are seventh with 97 rating points.

“At the ICC meeting yesterday (Sunday), the highlight for us was the ODI rankings,” Nazmul had told reporters. “There it was disclosed that Bangladesh are No. 5. We always hovered around No. 9 or 10, and then we rose to No. 8 and 7. We are just one point above England and Sri Lanka who are in No. 6 and 7 with 100 points.”

He also said that he came to know of this through the communication he was sent by the ICC. He said that he had been on tenterhooks about the rankings issue throughout the meeting, but was elated when it was said that Bangladesh had indeed broken into the top five.

“I saw this ranking before I went to the meeting because they always sent the papers before the meetings,” he said. “I thought they had made a mistake. I thought, ‘It was No. 7, when did they become No. 5?’

“I checked Cricinfo and there too we were No 7. I was in a lot of tension seeing the ranking so I was waiting for it to come up in the agenda in the meeting.”

Why Bangladesh will remain at No.7

Despite Papon’s confidence, it has been learnt that Bangladesh would have been fifth only if results of the last two years were only taken into account. The ODI rankings are calculated in accordance with a three-year cycle, and so this is not about to come to pass.

If results from 2014/15 and 2015/16 are taken into account only, then Bangladesh climb up to 5th. However, this calculation, the result of which reached the BCB President, and through him the Bangladeshi populace, disregards the 2013/14 season.

Results from the 13/14 season and 14/15 season will be weighted at 50%, while results from the 15/16 season will be weighted at 100%.

The BCB Chief’s exclusion of the 13/14 season might easily come across as an overhasty attempt to shake off history.

It is an interesting question as to how this sort of a gross miscalculation can come to pass in the highest level of cricket administration. It is also a worthwhile question to ask whether this incident improves the reputation of Bangladesh cricket in the international community.

Sportskeeda’s columnist from Bangladesh, Faisal Caesar, says: “I was in doubt about Bangladesh’s No.5 position and was waiting for confirmation. I do not understand why news is published before verification. This has already spread a lot of excitement on the social media. This incident reveals that for ages we have taken the route of passion over comprehension. When will my countrymen inculcate the habit of trying to understand and analyse a situation before jumping about it?”