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July 8, 2020
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Here is how you can reverse a sent text message

You must have faced this ‘Oh Shit!’ moment when you have sent text message to an irrelevant person especially a friend’s message to your parents. But now it’s not a big deal you can reverse this text message, or say cancel this message.

There is one incredible app which ‘Protect Your Privates’, a new app which provides you the security settings you have been waiting for.

If you want to reverse the sent message you regret, you just have to tap the ‘recall’ button and it totally disappears like it was not sent at all.

The message gets removed even from the server. There is another incredible perk of this app. If you want to prevent a person to screenshot your text message this app can help you out. It has a built-in function which prevents people from taking screenshots.

So, now you would be sure that your private message is not going to be at exhibition to your friend’s friends.

Protect Your Privates is available to download on iOS, and is likely to be extended to Windows and Android phones. This app is available on App Store. Furthermore this is a free messenger app.

This app has made you get rid of two big worries encountered by majority of the users.