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AC can give you heat stroke

Many of us are of the view that we are saved from the dangers of high temperature through Air Conditioners or AC but recently it has been revealed that air conditioners can lead you to dire consequences such as heat stroke.

Doctors claim that AC can lead to a ‘full-fledged’ heat stroke. This is because when we are in air conditioned environment it means we are at difference of at least 20 degrees or more from the temperature outside. And sudden exposure to the high outside temperature takes a toll on people’s health.

It leads to heat exhaustion, heat pyrexia and heat stroke. Body temperature reaching 40 or above Celsius accompanied by rapid breathing and heart rate, altered sensorium, headache, vomiting and flushed skin manifest the symptoms of heat stroke.

This is an extreme condition when the body is unable to mitigate the temperature, resulting in unconsciousness even death.

At a mild level, the symptoms involve tiredness, loss of concentration, and dizziness in case of heat exhaustion, and low grade fever.

Coming back to the AC, it is worth mentioning here that sun affects twice on air conditioned people who are on medication. It means it worsens the preexisting diseases. Adequate water intake with potable water and consumption of buttermilk can reduce these occurrences.