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July 7, 2020
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Man off to Bermuda Triangle in ‘hydropod’ stopped by Coast Guard

MIAMI- A Florida man has been allegedly caught going to Bermuda Triangle in hydropod i.e. inflatable floating bubble, international media reports.

According to the details, the man was a long-distance runner who tried to wage an adventure voyage to Bermuda Triangle but he met a hurdle when he was caught by the US Coast Guard (USCG). He was violating a USCG order which prohibited him to embark on his sea-going journey.

The man started his journey despite receiving a letter on April 15th from the Coast Guard warning him not to start the journey. He initially proposed a voyage plan which was responded by this letter.

The man has known to have done the same before in 2014 and he was rescued at that time as well. He only had protein bars and bottled water with him at that time. When he was caught he claimed that he had been practicing this for two years.

The man was granted asylum in 2003 in US, when he was exiled from Iran for having pro-Western sympathies.

Since then, he has set records for running around the perimeter of the United States.