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July 9, 2020
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Drinking water from a copper cup is not good

There is a news circulating for past few days that drinking water from copper cup has amazing benefits. But this only a latest trend, not a health fact.

According to the experts, drinking water out of a copper mug is neither good nor bad. Though it is not harmful but also it is not a magic bullet. There are no studies making claims in favor of this trend.

All this began because of the benefits the mineral copper holds. But the quantity human body needs of copper is provided by the food we take. Also, we need only a small amount of copper. According to the doctors, there are quite a few people who would have the necessity to take a copper supplement even.

Nobody should take copper unless they have a medical reason to do so. Excessive copper in our body harm us rather than facilitating us with quite some health benefits.

Prolonged exposure to copper can cause neurological problems. But that does not mean drinking from a copper container can result in neurological problems.

There is no significant risk in doing so but also there is no significant health benefit. Furthermore, the best way to get copper is through a balanced diet.