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June 4, 2020
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Four job hunting tips you should know

Job hunting is a hectic routine as the market is tough and competitive. But, if one plays strategically it becomes easier to land a job. Here are a few job hunting tips every job seeker should know,

Keep track

When you start applying for jobs it’s prudent to keep track of the information you collect and record it in one place. Write down important details about your job search including the name of the companies that you apply to as well as the positions that you showed interest in. This should help you keep track of the status of the job applications you have made and evaluate your job hunting efforts as a whole. There are certain apps available for this purpose.

Build your reputation

Create a portfolio, share your work on social media, and promote yourself as much as possible. This is the only skill you will ever need to get a job that you deserve and matches your qualifications. Why? Because doing so requires that you are self-assertive and super-proactive.

Appear on LinkedIn

Be a member of this professional community, as employers can easily reach out to you when you have a LinkedIn profile and present what you have to offer to them right there on that very page.

Becoming a LinkedIn member, doesn’t only help you retain your online presence but also improves your networking efforts and helps you stay relevant.

Write an impressive resume

Many unlucky job seekers don’t get the job because of the Applicant Tracking System – the ATS rejects their resume and never makes its way to the recruiters. There are web-based software that help their resume get past the robots. Checking your resume with this system will help you improve your chances of getting hired.