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Lahore Blast: Twitter taken by storm about Eiffel Tower illuminates or not in Pakistani Flag

PARIS- The social media site, twitter is abuzz with the debate whether Eiffel Town is lit up in the colors of Pakistani flag in the wake of Pakistani flag just as it did after the Brussels bombings.

In the face of the recent display of desolation and destruction in heart of Pakistan, Lahore a new debate has started on social media. People have started looking for the colors of Pakistani flag on Eiffel Tower as the Belgian flag appeared on it after the Brussels bombings to show solidarity with the victims.

There are speculations that Eiffel Tower did show the colors of Pakistan’s flag and the pictures displaying Eiffel Tower in green and yellow color are uploaded as a proof.  But there is a loophole in this story as Pakistan’s flag colors are green and white, not green and yellow. Furthermore, the picture actually dates back to 2007, when Eiffel Tower actually was lit in South African colors.

It is pertinent to mention that people are also criticizing another social media site, Facebook for its partiality and bias. They are doing this on the premise that Facebook did not roll out the safety check feature properly in the wake of Lahore blast, neither did it give the feature to display Pakistani flag just as it did for French flag in the face of Paris attacks.