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June 6, 2020
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People judge your personality by these things you do

The moment you meet a person, you start guessing about his personality. People just do the same about you. They can judge you by small things you do. Here are a few of these,

Your handshake

Firm handshake conveys strength and confidence, and also builds an air of trust. While weaker handshake can signal timid behavior and reluctance to build relationship.

Your punctuality

Being on time signals that you are organized and proactive. Late people are judges as procrastinators, irresponsible and unreliable.

Your handwriting

Large letters exclaims that you are extrovert and open, while small letters indicate you are introvert and reserve.

Your eye-contact

Psychologists say that confident extroverts tend to look more often and for longer at their partners. Furthermore, eye contact emits trust and reliability while avoiding eye contact or steal glance makes other person suspicious.

How you ask questions

The questions you ask and how long it takes you to ask them reveal how much of a ‘giver’ or ‘taker’ you are.