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May 26, 2020
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Five ways to boost your self confidence

Being at peace with your self is very important for your progress and growth. So we really need to work on self-confidence. Here are a few ways to boost self-confidence,

Make ‘you’ your best friend

Show yourself the same kindness, support, and encouragement you would to your favorite pal when they come to you with an insecurity or problem. It will drag you out of all the self-talking and blaming and ultimately would make you to be at peace with yourself.

Don’t make your weakness your identity

We all run into our own snags from time to time, but those failures and blimps aren’t what make us, us. They’re just a normal part of navigating life, and it’s important for your self-confidence to realize the difference.

Accept the present you

It’s hard to grow a strong sense of self-confidence when you keep comparing yourself to a version of yourself that doesn’t exist. Instead, just evaluate yourself based upon what’s going on in your life right now, not some distant past version of you. Keep adjusting your self-image and self-esteem to match your current abilities and skills, not those of your past.

Achieve small goals

Nothing makes you want to fist bump the air faster than achieving a small goal that’s been on your to-do list for ages. So to bolster your self-confidence, get into the habit of setting up small goals you can continually achieve, proving to yourself you can attain things if only you put your mind to it and try.

Do a few-minute pep talk every day

Another great habit to get into every day is giving yourself a self-love pep talk for about two minutes, going over all the great things you enjoyed about yourself that day.