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August 4, 2020
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Eight household products that can kill you

Household products are the ones we use most commonly and casually. But they can take a toll on our lives. Here are some of the household products that can kill you.

Drain cleaners

These contain lye and hydrochloric acid, and many others. So, they are really toxic and harmful.

Car polish

Inhaling car polish can lead to pulmonary edema, which means water in the lungs.

Pesticides and repellents

We humans have nervous systems too, you know, so these affect us a lot.

Antibacterial soap

These soap, as you may think, kill the bacteria. But, they also kill the good ones, and make you develop drug-resistant bacteria instead.

Air freshener

Most air fresheners form a thick film of oil in the nasal passage and contain a nerve deadening agent, weakening the ability to smell. Most contain formaldehyde and phenol.

Furniture polish

It consists of nitrobenzene, which gets absorbed by the skin, is highly flammable and can cause lung and/or skin cancer.

Bleach and Ammonia

Their fumes, when mixed together, can be deadly.

Oven cleaner

Lye, the main ingredient in an oven-cleaner is used to dissolve road kill the same way it dissolves grease in your oven.