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July 3, 2020
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Do you feel tired all day? Here is the reason

The hours you sleep definitely count in making you feel fresh to face the day ahead but there are a couple of other factors that make you feel sluggish all the time.

Here are some reasons why you may be constantly feeling worn out, without knowing about them. Mind you, these habits are actually draining your energy.

Not drinking enough water

Let’s admit it. Water is one of the most important elements of our lives. Studies suggest if you are dehydrated, you will feel tired. When your body is dehydrated, it leads to reduced blood volume, thereby slowing the speed at which oxygen and essential nutrients reach your body.

Not consuming iron?

Iron deficiency not only makes you feel tired but also irritable. And the reason remains the same – less iron in the body means less oxygen travels to your muscles and cells. Less iron intake could also lead to anemia. The good part is that you find iron in a host of foods – kidney beans, eggs, green vegetables, nuts and tofu.

Skipping breakfast

We all know how important breakfast is to fuel you and kick start your metabolism. Skip breakfast and chances are pretty high that you will feel tired all day long. Perfect breakfast is a combination of carbs, proteins and good fat. Try having 2 slices of whole wheat break with a glass of skimmed milk for breakfast and feel the difference.

Missing workouts when tired

You go to the gym or for a run only when you wake up feeling fresh. Well, the logic doesn’t apply all the time. A good workout releases happy hormones that makes you feel energetic and happy to face the day.

You are working too hard

Are you constantly worrying about work assignments and stressing about ways to climb up the corporate ladder, spending excess hours at work and ignoring every other aspects of your life? You are in for some trouble. Try and set realistic goals that do not take a toll on your body. Don’t forget, stress is the biggest silent killer.