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August 3, 2020
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Eight facts about Joseph Stalin you did not know before

Today is the 63rd death anniversary of one of the most ruthless dictators ever existed in history. This man is Joseph Stalin. Born in 1953 and died on this day, in 1953, he reigned the most decisive and critical time of Russia. Here are a few facts regarding him which you did not know before,

Joseph Stalin was born as Ioseb Besarionis dze Jughashvili. He changed his name because ‘Stalin’ means ‘man of steel’. Strangely, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize as well.

It is said that as a child, Stalin had a lot of health issues. He was born with two adjoined toes on his left foot, his face was permanently scarred by smallpox at the age of 7, and at age 12, he injured his left arm in an accident

When he was 16, he joined the Tiflis Spiritual Seminary to become a priest. However, despite being trained as a priest, he became an atheist in his first year

After leaving school, Stalin briefly worked as a part-time clerk in a meteorological office. He had also worked as a weatherman at the Tiflis Meteorological Observatory

Soon after, he went underground and became a full-time revolutionary

He also took part in labor demonstrations and strikes. It is said that he adopted the name Koba, after a fictional Georgian hero, and joined the Marxist Social Democratic movement led by Vladimir Lenin

He was arrested multiple times for being involved in criminal activities and was subjected to imprisonment and exile in Siberia

He liked writing poetry and wrote under the pen name, Soselo. He was a voracious reader too but was never considered a forceful writer

Despite being responsible for the murder of millions, he was still nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.