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June 5, 2020
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Six rare facts about Boom Boom on his 36th Birthday

Sahebzada Mohammad Shahid Khan Afridi generally known as Shahid Afridi is loved and adored by Pakistanis as lala or boom boom. He was born on 1st March 1980 and thus turns 36 this very day.

He is in matrimony with Nadia and has four lovely daughters. Here are a few facts regarding the shining Boom Boom achievements.

Afridi scored a century in his very first match against Sri Lanka. He himself confesses that he’s a good bowler than a batsman. Keeping this quality in mind, evidence tells us that he took 350 over and 48 wickets in ODIs.

When he was sixteen, Shahid got drafted into ODI team as leg spinner replacement for badly injured player named Mushtaq Ahmed. At the tender age, Afridi turned out to be the youngest and energetic player who scored ODI century.

Afridi was completely banned for two ODIs and test match for intentionally destroying the pitch during three test matches against England. Camera captured him scrapping boots on pitch. Afridi therefore begged later as he was guilty on his act. Shahid announced temporary retirement in order to focus on ODIs and particularly on World Cup 2007.

Afridi is known as an inconsistent batsman out of the bunch in cricket as his harsh style accelerates and increases the risk of being eliminated. This can be supported by the fact which tells he was capable of scoring 7000 or more ODI runs while staying under 25.

Marvelously, he’s the only cricketer in the entire world who scored 50 wickets and 1000 runs in T20 format. In Indian subcontinent, the balls shine is list quickly, our Hero prefers opening his batting at number 6 mostly.

He was given the title of Boom Boom by an Indian commentator Ravi Shastri while he scored his second highest century in only 45 balls against India.