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September 27, 2020
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Job benefits that make employees happy

Every employer wants to retain his or her workers who are more than willing to hop to a job that offers more benefits.

So, if you are an employer and want to preserve your team’s talent then here are a few things that will keep them happy.

Medical Cover

Most tech companies offer their employees the whole nine yards when it comes to medical benefits. They don’t just cover the basics, but they also include dental and anything else that you can think of. Google, for example, offers medical cover that’s beyond generous. It even pays for gender reassignment surgeries for its employees including facial feminization for transgender men.

Free Food

Free snacks are a thing of the past; companies now feed their employees to keep them happy, and while most companies will offer free breakfast, some companies offer their employees three free meals a day.

Keep Employees Healthy

Many companies are beginning to offer on-site fitness facilities. Needless to say, this makes employees happy since they can work out whenever they want at work, without having to pay a subscription. Amazon, however, goes one step further and offers wellness incentives. Among others, it offers discounts for low blood pressure and low cholesterol.

Flexible Work Schedules

Some companies are beginning to abandon the traditional 9 to 5 as research continues to show how ineffective it is in many industries. Companies who have chosen more flexible work schedules have seen wonders in their employees’ performance levels. Netflix, however, has taken things to a new level; it offers their employees a day with no official work hours, yep that’s right, Netflix employees are not expected to work the traditional eight-hour day. They are judged solely on how much they get done and whether they can meet their daily targets.

Continuing Education

Traditionally companies have allowed their workers some limited unpaid time off to pursue further education. However, some companies have begun covering their worker’s tuition fees if the seminar or college program they are pursuing is relevant to their work and will improve the quality of their work. While this is a great policy as some people prefer to be continually educated without having to ask for permission.