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July 6, 2020
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Do you hear voices when you read?

Do you read something to yourself? Well it may seem ‘asking the obvious’ to you but you have not understood the question then.

When someone reads something to you, you hear his or her voice. So, do you hear voice when you read something?

Researchers analyzed links between people’s inner reading voice and auditory hallucinations. Despite the taboo around hearing voices, more than 80 per cent of the people questioned said they heard an inner voice while reading to themselves and only 11 per cent said they did not.

Several respondents said they only heard it sometimes, depending on other factors including their interest in the text, and some perceived their own voice while others detected a range of characters, friends and family members, in emails for example.

Results indicate that many individuals report routinely experiencing inner reading voices (IRVs), which often have the auditory qualities of overt speech, such as recognizable identity, gender, pitch, loudness and emotional tone. IRVs were sometimes identified as the readers’ own voices, and sometimes as the voices of other people.