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July 10, 2020
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Three important questions that can be asked in an interview

There are some ‘what if’ questions that are usually asked in a job interview. Here are some of these,

What if you get no promotion?

These days it may be the reality of a new job or entry level position. Many companies are still reeling from the effects of the last few years’ economic implosion thus, jobs are few, more upper management are staying in their jobs for longer, thus stagnating upward mobility. A good answer to this question would be inoffensive to the company and empathetic to the circumstances.

If the job kept me actively engaged, challenged me and I had growth even without a promotion I don’t think this would be an issue. Each organization has its own pace at which it promotes, and I understand that.

What if your ethics come in your way?

What if I was your supervisor and asked you to do something you don’t agree with?

The best way to answer this is to be as neutral as possible. Make sure you mention that if the task infringes business or personal ethics that you would not comply showing that you would be honorable.

What if you get the opportunity to beat your boss?

This is a conundrum, do you stay loyal to your supervisor or do you take the higher paying job with more responsibilities. Well, maybe you wouldn’t have to take your boss’ position. Since this question is completely hypothetical, set up your own hypothetical scenario as a response.

Considering I am currently interviewing for a position well below yours, hopefully by the time I would be offered your job, you will have a higher position. Then having proven myself as a competent employee and hard worker, you will give me your current position because you’d like a capable lieutenant in your new position.